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Who the heck is Erika Schmidt?

Mother to my son Remy (10 months old) & wife to my high school sweetheart. My first born is a  3 year-old golden retriever named Norma Jeane, who I never stop talking about. I LOVE the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I can guarantee I will reference a quote or two if we work together haha! 

Food is my love language & my family comes first. I am loud, funny (at least I think so) and truly enjoy hiding behind my camera. I consider myself a minimalist in training, I am OBSESSED with animals and am a total sucker for all those super sad Sarah McLachlan commercials, that's probably where all your money you pay me goes to, at least it's for a good cause!

How did I get into photography you ask?

Growing up my grandfather was a beautiful photographer. I always had a camera in my face. At the young age of 93 I am proud to say my grandpa STILL carries around his camera and photographs what he loves most, his family & nature. My grandpa really paved the way for me & around 15 years old I knew I had a major passion for photography. I look back now and cringe at most of my "art-work" with odd editing, silly quotes & funny angels from back in the day but I believe those moments in life helped evolve me into the photographer I am today. Constantly learning and continually growing in my craft.

What is my style photography?

I am not your typical photographer, I'm what I like to call a documentary & lifestyle photographer. Simply put, I like to capture life as it happens! I quickly learned that the in-between shots at photoshoots were my absolute favorite. Usually when a photographer would put their camera down so moms/dads can fix something, kids are being wild, or change in location is happening that's when I get the GOOD GOOD shots! For me I am drawn to reality-I like to look at an image and laugh because kids like to make silly faces, or refuse to take off the princess dress, dad throwing kids in the air and little ladies running through fields picking flowers and giving momma kisses. Those precious moments are often so over looked and by capturing those small memories, I hope clients look back and say WOW, look how happy our daughter is, or oh my goodness my kids are crazy! Reality in imagery is what ultimately drives me.

If my style sounds like your vibe, shoot me an email in my connect section and let's chat!

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